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Sustainable Agriculture


26 to 28 July 2023, Can Tho, Vietnam

Heartfelt Gratitude for Your Participation in ICBPSA23 Conference

Dear Esteemed Attendees, Distinguished Guests, and Keynote Speakers,

On behalf of the organizing committee, I am writing to express our deepest gratitude for your valuable presence and enthusiastic participation in the "BioProtection for Sustainable Agriculture 2023" (ICBPSA23) Conference held at Can Tho University, Vietnam, from July 26th to July 28th, 2023.

The success of ICBPSA23 would not have been possible without your unwavering support, insightful contributions, and active engagement throughout the event. We are truly humbled and grateful for the immense knowledge and expertise each one of you brought to the conference, making it a resounding success and a memorable experience for all involved.

Your presence as attendees, distinguished guests, and keynote speakers added immense value to the event and enriched the discussions on various aspects of BioProtection for Sustainable Agriculture. Your thought-provoking presentations, informative talks, and meaningful interactions have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on all the participants, inspiring us to strive for greater achievements in the field of sustainable agriculture.

As we continue our collective journey towards promoting sustainable agricultural practices, your valuable insights and ideas will serve as a guiding light for future endeavors. The networking opportunities created during the conference will foster collaboration and pave the way for innovative solutions to the challenges facing our agricultural sector.

We extend our sincere appreciation to each one of you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to be a part of ICBPSA23. Your dedication to the cause and commitment to advancing sustainable agriculture is commendable, and we are truly grateful for your presence.

We also want to acknowledge and extend our heartfelt thanks to the staff, volunteers, and all individuals who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the smooth execution of the conference. Their hard work and dedication were instrumental in creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Once again, thank you for being an integral part of the "BioProtection for Sustainable Agriculture 2023" conference, and we hope to meet you again at future events.



ICBPSA23 (International Conference on BioProtection for Sustainable Agriculture 2023) will take place in Can Tho (in the campus of Can Tho University), in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam, from 26 to 28 July 2023. It will bring together scientists and stakeholders involved in improving crop protection. It will provide an opportunity to share experiences in the field of bioprotection in agriculture with participants from different parts of the world. The conference will last 3 days: 1 day of plenary session, 1 day of parallel sessions and 1 day of field visits.


The conference is organised by 5 universities in Vietnam and a French agricultural research organisation. This event is supported by the French Embassy in Vietnam, and is part of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between France and Vietnam. The conference is also financed by CIRAD (France and Vietnam) on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of CIRAD's scientific cooperation in Vietnam and also funded by ASEA (Agroecology in South-East Asia) which is a research and training partnership platform, which brings together research and educational institutions sharing a common interest to support Agroecological transition in South East Asia.

Participation is free of charge, and participants are invited to submit oral presentations or poster papers in English. Internationally renowned personalities in the field of crop bioprotection will give keynote lectures during the plenary session.

All researchers, scientists, experts, students, policy makers, industrial and government sectors involved in crop bioprotection are cordially invited to participate in the conference.


26 to 28 July 2023, Can Tho University (campus II)



Call for paper

The College of Agriculture, Can Tho University (CoA, CTU) invites academic researchers, scientists, experts, students, policy makers, industrial and government sectors involved in bioprotection in agriculture to submit their original research or case studies for
the ICBPSA23 (International Conference on BioProtection for Sustainable Agriculture 2023), which will be held on 26th-28th July, 2023 in Can Tho, Vietnam.
ICBPSA23 will be hosted by CoA, CTU in collaboration with French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD), University of Agriculture and Forestry, Hue University (HUAF, HU), Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Minh City (NLU), Faculty of Forestry Agriculture, Tay Nguyen University (FFA, TNU) and Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA), with the theme “Biopprotection for sustainable agriculture”


The organizing members

  • Associate Prof. Dr. Le Van Vang (CoA, CTU)
  • Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Nga (CoA, CTU)
  • Dr. Ho Le Thi (CoA, CTU)
  • Dr. Deguine Jean- Philippe (CIRAD)
  • Mrs. Tran Thi Chau (CIRAD)
  • Dr. Tran Thi Hoang Dong (HUAF, HU)
  • Associate Prof. Dr. Tran Thi Thu Ha (HUAF, HU)
  • Dr. Le Khac Hoang (NLU)
  • Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Nam (FFA, TNU)
  • Dr. Do Thi Kieu An (FFA, TNU)
  • Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duc Tung (VNUA)
  • Associate Prof. Dr. Ha Viet Cuong (VNUA)

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Samunder Singh
Prof. Samunder SinghPresident International Weed Science Society
Title of the presentation:
"Innovative non-chemical approaches for sustainable weed management"
Dr Alain Ratnadass
Dr Alain Ratnadass Cirad Réunion
Title of the presentation:
"Agriculture and human infectious disease risk: Some crop protection practices may be part of the problem, but Bioprotection is a One Health-smart solution"
Seiji Uematsu
Seiji UematsuJapan
Title of the presentation:
"From upland-paddy crop rotation to biological soil disinfestation using ethanol in Japan"
Dr Jean-Philippe Deguine
Dr Jean-Philippe Deguine CIRAD-CTU, Can Tho, Vietnam
Title of the presentation:
"Which place of Bioprotection in Agroecological Crop Protection?"
Dr. Alison Watson
Dr. Alison Watson Head of the ASEAN FAW Action Plan Secretariat
Title of the presentation:
"The importance of transdisciplinary collaboration and partnerships to improve plant health and pest and disease management in Southeast Asia."
Dr. Marc Bardin
Dr. Marc Bardin INRAE, France
Title of the presentation:
"Improving knowledge of the factors determining the protective efficacy of biocontrol against plant diseases for a better use in the field"
Prof. Dr. ANDO Tetsu
Prof. Dr. ANDO TetsuTokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan
Title of the presentation:
"Lepidopteran sex pheromones: wonderland for an agricultural chemist"
Prof. Dr. Le Van Vang
Prof. Dr. Le Van VangCan Tho University, Vietnam
Title of the presentation:
"Research and application of insect semiochemicals for sustainable insect pest management in the Mekong delta of Vietnam"
Asst. Prof. Dr.Kumrai Buensanteai
Asst. Prof. Dr.Kumrai Buensanteai(Research Center of BCG for Sustainable Rural Economy, Suranaree University of Technology, THAILAND)
Title of the presentation:
"Startup in Induced Resistance for Plant Disease Management"
Dr Michelle Rafter
Dr Michelle RafterCSIRO, Australia
Title of the presentation:
"Harnessing biological control approaches to manage invasive species in Australia"
Dr. Laura Moquet
Dr. Laura Moquet Cirad, Reunion
Title of the presentation:
"Invasion and biological control of fruit flies in an island of Indian Ocean"
Prof. Tran Dang Hoa
Prof. Tran Dang HoaHUAF, Vietnam
Title of the presentation:
"Using insect natural enemies as biological control agents for crop protection in Vietnam"
Dr Hisasshi Kato-Noguchi
Dr Hisasshi Kato-Noguchi Kagawa University, Japan
Title of the presentation:
"Isolation and Identification of Allelochemicals for the Development Sustainable Agriculture"
Dr. Jean-Noël Aubertot
Dr. Jean-Noël AubertotINRAE, Toulouse, France
Title of the presentation:
"An overview of the national action plan for pesticide reduction in France. Development of bioprotection"
Dr. Tuan Minh Tran
Dr. Tuan Minh Tran Assistant Professor, University of South Alabama, USA
Title of the presentation:
"Plasma membrane nanodomain: a new frontier in fighting plant diseases"

ICBPSA23. Provisional program

Time Day 1. July 26 Day 2. July 27 Day 3. July 28
8:00-8:45 Opening session (Room 1) Plenary session (3rd) (Room 1) Field trips and visits
8:45-9:00 Tea break
9:00-10:30 Plenary session  (1st) (Room 1)
10:30-11:00 Tea break Tea break
11-00-12:30 Plenary session (2nd) (Room 1) Plenary session (4th) (Room 1)
12:30-14:00 Lunch  lunch
14:00-15h30 Parallel sessions (Rooms 2, 3, 4 and 5) Parallel sessions (Rooms 2, 3, 4 and 5)
15h30-16h00 Tea break Tea break
16:00-17:30 Parallel sessions (Rooms 2, 3, 4 and 5) Parallel sessions (Rooms 2, 3, 4 and 5)
  Gala dinner    

Submission Guidelines

  • Papers are accepted only through online submission tool.
  • At least one author of the paper must register, otherwise the paper will not be published in the Conference Proceedings

Important Dates

Now – May 15, 2023


Now – May 15, 2023

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May 28, 2023

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