ICBPSA23 with the theme " Bioprotection for sustainable agriculture" will accommodate 15 keynote speakers, concurrent and poster sessions which cover the following topics.


ICBPSA23. Plenary sessions and keynote speakers

Day 1. July 26th

General crop protection approaches linked to bioprotection

1st Lepidopteran sex pheromones: wonderland for an agricultural chemist Tetsu Ando
Agriculture and human infectious disease risk: Some crop protection practices may be part of the problem, but Bioprotection is a One Health-smart solution Alain Ratnadass
From upland-paddy crop rotation to biological soil disinfestation using ethanol in Japan Seiji Uematsu
2nd What place for Bioprotection in Agroecological Crop Protection? Jean-Philippe Deguine
The importance of transdisciplinary collaboration and partnerships to improve plant health and pest and disease management in Southeast Asia Alison Watson
Improving knowledge of the factors determining the protective efficacy of biocontrol against plant diseases for a better use in the field Marc Bardin

Day 2. July 27th

Fields of study or case studies with a generic application in bioprotection

3rd Innovative non-chemical approaches for sustainable weed management Samunder Singh
Research and application of insect semiochemicals for sustainable insect pest management in the Mekong delta of Vietnam Le Van Vang
Startup in Induced Resistance for Plant Disease management Kumrai Buensanteai
Harnessing biological control approaches to manage invasive species in Australia Michelle Rafter
Invasion and biocontrol of Bactrocera dorsalis (Tephritidae) in Indian Ocean  Laura Moquet
4th Using insect natural enemies as biological control agents for crop protection in Vietnam Tran Dang Hoa
Isolation and identification of allelochemicals for the developing sustainable agriculture Hisashi Kato-Noguchi 
Overview of the national action plan for pesticide reduction in France. Development of bioprotection Jean-Noël Aubertot
Plasma membrane nanodomain: a new frontier in fighting plant diseases Tuan Minh Tran